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We are a new Ministry of Seventh Avenue Missionary Baptist Church and our first step is to develop outreach in our communities to youth particularly girls which compose 99% of the population that has become victims of Sexual Exploitation. The mission is to educate not only Faith based but also the communities where we live and places where we conduct business about Human Trafficking and Children of Sexual Exploitation. We want to not only inform all communities but begin a relationship with the population we are seeking to help.

Our next embarkation is "Walking the Street". We will mobilize to demonstrate to the young ladies they are visible and have worth.  We will speak encouraging words and hand out packages consisting of items necessary for health and hygiene - and information listing available resources. While we do not condone certain behaviors, we are compelled to acknowledge basic needs and begin to meet people where they are.

In order to do this, we invite monetary donations as well as the following items:

• Individual Female wipes
• Personal /travel bottles mouth wash
• Personal/travel toothpaste
• Condoms
• Water

This is the first step in a series of planned walks and strategies in order to reach those in need. Any help that you or your business/organization can offer will be greatly appreciated. This new initiative can only be sustained with the help of volunteers and donations of goods, monies or in-kind services. We do hope that you will consider helping us and thank you in advance.


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