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Executive Director








What We Do:

We are working to combat Human Trafficking in the following manner:

  • Expand public awareness, education and prevention information through speaking engagement and series of events and trainings of what Human Trafficking looks like and how to identify victims to populations that are the most vulnerable and at risk


  • Collectively working together with all who are involved in eradicating this crisis by promoting collaboration among community, partnering agencies, businesses, government and nongovernment organizations that are result driven to resolve this issue.


Why We Do It:

A drive down International Blvd. in Oakland, CA forces you realize the magnitude of this epidemic seeing children on the street for sale to whoever is willing to pay the price.  The quality of life in our community and society is deteriorating at an alarming rate.  High unemployment rates, homelessness, gentrification, and the many traumas in marginalized areas causing stressors affecting mental and physical health.  The breakdown of families due to increased incarceration among youth and adults pushes more children into foster care.   This is leading to higher dropout rates in schools and more violence in homes and communities.  In order to stop the pipeline flowing into Human Trafficking we must address the issues that are the root of the problems and develop bridges. ROYLS focus is assisting youth and communities to become healthy and whole by partnering with organizations and agencies with the same common purpose.

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